Listening to the 95 Year-Old You

Do you ever wish you had your own Yoda or Gandalf to give you wise advice and guide you through life?

Leadership and coaching guru Marshall Goldsmith says that you already have such a guide. Your wise old coach is right there, inside of your imagination.

Goldsmith has a column in Business Week, called "The Best Coaching You Will Ever Get," where he suggests a way to find the secret to success and happiness:

"...imagine that you are 95 years old and you are just about to die. But before you take your last breath, you are being given a wonderful, beautiful gift: the ability to travel back in time and talk with the person who is reading this column. The 95-year-old you has been given the chance to help the you of today to have a great career and, much more important, to have a great life."

Wow, what a great exercise. What would the 95 year old You say to you right now?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 25, 2007


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