Satir on Change

A few months back, consultant Stuart Scott of consulting firm Guinnen MacRath, told me about a change model developed by family therapy pioneer Virginia Satir. Today I came across a blog entry by Sandy Kristin Piderit on this topic, where she provides a link to a nice article by Dale Emeryon how Satir's thinking can be applied to organizational change.

What I like about the Satir model is that it rings right to me, especially:

~ The Foreign Element. The thing that disturbs the equilibrium and triggers chaos. It can be almost anything. A takeover or a downsizing. A birth or a death.

~ The Transforming Idea. The gem of a notion that occurs during the chaos which provides the pathway forward to new learning, reintegration, and beyond.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 2, 2007


John said…
Thanks, Terry. Satir was one of my heroes in the early days. She also posited three "pull" on us: Self, Others and Life. I use them to create what I call The Sweet Spot where they all three matter at the same time. That puts us "in the zone" of maximum performance, fulfillment, and peace. John
Terrence Seamon said…
Hey John. Welcome to my blog. (Is this John from Spokane?)

I like your "in the zone" idea where performance, fulfillment and peace intersect. How can we help people find that zone in our world today?

Any idea why Satir is not more well known in the OD field?

Please stop by again.


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