Blessings from My Barber

This morning, I stopped at my barbershop for a haircut. My barber, Otis, was there as usual. As before, he cut my hair the way I like it, short. But today he gave me something extra, a blessing.

I had mentioned to him that I'll be leaving on vacation soon. So, as he was brushing the little hairs off my neck and shirt collar, he said, "And blessings to you and your wife for a safe vacation."

Being a spiritual person, I was touched by that.

It reminded me of my grandfather, George T. Seamon, who used to softly mutter blessings as he encountered people throughout the day. He was blessing people all the time, children playing, workers doing a task, neighbors sweeping their porches.

I think this is a much-needed practice in the world today. More people blessing other people would have some beneficial effects, I think...healing some of the hurt, softening some of the hard hearts, and soothing the stressed and weary.

Blessings to you who are reading this.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 3, 2007


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