Boost Your EBITDA

Want to boost your earnings? Invest in people:

"By excelling in talent management, the average Fortune 500 company can generate a nearly 15 percent improvement in earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), netting almost $400 million annually, according to new research from strategic advisory firm The Hackett Group."

So how would a company do that? Talent management covers a lot of ground, but some key pieces that Hackett identified are:

- hiring
- training
- performance management, and
- organizational effectiveness

I would add two more:

- corporate culture and
- employee engagement

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 2, 2007


Jeffrey said…
Very interesting post. When first heard "talent management" conjures up the idea of entertainment figures and sports icons. The idea that talent exists all around in the workplace is a great idea and will surely help to to push for excellence and development. I would like to know how that research firm came to those conclusions. You may find some of the principles s in this leadership strategies blog interesting, insightful and useful.
Terrence Seamon said…
Thanks for your comment, Jeffrey. And thanks for suggesting the CMOE blog.


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