OD and the Arts

Jim Murphy, at the Mass Bay OD Blog, has just published an entry about a session they recently had where they looked at the application of the arts to Organization Development practice. How cool is that? I wish I could have been there. (Hey, NJ and NY ODNs: Why don't we do a similar session?)

Reminds me of my excellent Masters degree coursework in Creative Arts Education at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education many moons ago. We examined how poetry, music, drawing, and movement can be ways to enhance learning.

I have often found interesting applications of the arts to OD work, including drawing pictures to visualize the future or to visualize the path through change.

In Barry Johnson's model of Polarity Management he describes having groups use the floor to draw their dilemmas and using physical movement to experience the shifts from one side of the polarity to the other.

In 2000 to 2001, a NJ-based energy company won the ODI Silver Bowl Award for an OD Project for using music as part of a system-wide culture change.

How have you used the arts in your work?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 24, 2007


annette said…
I've regularly worked with actors and artists in organisational settings - it can be a very powerful way of bringing out "the shadow" in a safe and boundaried way that gets people talking..not to mention it's great fun!
Terrence Seamon said…
Hi Annette,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Your blog is very cool!

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