Looking Up

Though I have lived near New York City all my life, I never tire of looking up and gawking at the eclectic mix of architectural styles in the Big Apple. I know that habit qualifies me as a hick out-of-towner who doesn't know any better. But I just love looking up when I walk the streets of Manhattan.

A couple days ago, at our annual parish picnic, I was listening to a friend's tale of woes. As his troubles spilled out, he seemed to brighten a bit. Then he said, "When I used to work in the city, Terry, I would always come out of the subway and look up. If you don't look up, all you see is the grime under your feet. Looking up is better for the soul. You see so much more when you do that."

He seemed to feel better after sharing that bit of wisdom.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Sept 20, 2007


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