Managing the Unexpected

I am reading a book called Managing the Unexpected by the great Karl (Sensemaking) Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe.

In my line of work (Training and Organization Development), I am surrounded by theories and books on how to manage. Most have something to say, but don't really grab you. Seldom do I pick up a management book that I can say reads like an urgent high-level thriller!

This is because Weick and Sutcliffe are looking at HROs, High Reliability Organizations: organizations that by their nature must constantly anticipate and adapt to surprising changes in conditions, often ones that operate on the razor's edge of life and death. Hospital emergency rooms, flight operators on aircraft carriers, firefighting teams, first responders.

And what's great about Weick and Sutcliffe's book is that they translate the practices of these highly adaptive organizations into principles. So no matter what kind of organization you work for, from making donuts to teaching seminars, you can benefit by this book.

I highly recommend this one.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Sept 15, 2007


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