Putting Things Into Perspective

A dear old friend just died a few days ago. His family asked me to give the eulogy; I guess they were too heartbroken to do it.

The funeral Mass was held yesterday and I'm relieved to report that I was able to get through it without breaking up. I did choke up toward the end, but after a pause, I was able to finish.

At the wake the other night, someone said that death is a great clarifier. When you lose a loved one or a friend, it stops you in your tracks. Death puts everything in your life into perspective.

It reminded me of writer Carlos Castaneda's character, Yaqui brujo Don Juan Matus, who said that the precursor to seeing is stopping the world:

"A warrior thinks of his death when things become unclear. The idea of death is the only thing that tempers our spirit."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Sept 7, 2007


Astha said…
Sending love and prayers your way..

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