Age and Relevance

"Age has nothing to do with relevance!" declares Sandy Wells on the Organization Development Network listserv, in the context of discussing "old" models that still have use in today's organizations.

I discovered one of those myself on the train ride last night. While perusing a book about the great management teacher Peter Drucker, I read about a German military figure from World War I named Captain Adolf Von Schell who wrote the book Battle Leadership.

In his book, Von Schell describes the secret to leadership and motivation: you must treat your people individually.

I had to smile. As I keep moving north of age 50, one of the bitter pills to swallow is that our culture tends to think, "If it is (or you are) old, it's (you're) out-moded and irrelevant."

I'm here to tell you that Sandy Wells is right.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Oct 3, 2007


annette said…
I totally agree with you on this one and it also works the other age direction as well (see my recent post about teenagers I worked with recently who really blew my mind!)
Terrence Seamon said…
Sounds like it was a great program! I wish my sons could participate in something like that.
annette said…
Well we should talk about doing one when we meet for a coffee in NYC! Teenagers are amazing - the smartest people in the room!

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