Go With Your Strengths

I am in the middle of watching the new dvd from Marcus Buckingham called Trombone Player Wanted, where he presents some of his basic ideas on what goes into individual performance and success. It's really good.

As a fan of Buckingham's for years, since his first book, First Break All the Rules, came out in 1999, I think he represents a paradigm shift that is going on all around us. He is a leading figure in the shift, as is David Cooperrider and the other folks in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, and the Positive Psychology folks such as Martin Seligman.

The shift is movement away from deficit thinking, and toward abundance thinking. In deficit thinking we look at a person's (or organization's) weaknesses and try to fix them. In abundance thinking, we look at a person's (or organization's) strengths and try to grow and sustain them.

This new way of looking at people and organizations feels like the right framework to me.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Oct 11, 2007


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