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I met management philosopher Charles Handy today, as he was in New York to record a webcast interview at AMA, as well as to visit Forbes and the Economist.

Now 75 years old, Handy (who travels with his wife Elizabeth, a professional photographer) is still going strong, appearing on radio and TV, giving interviews, and writing books (his latest is the autobiographical Myself and Other Important Matters). He was just in Boston at the Summit on the Future of the Corporation where he called for a change in the rules of the game, a change of mind, about the purpose of a business organization.

His interests range from business and management, to education and society . . . and the future. Some bits of Handy wisdom:

- On learning to manage: Don't expect to learn it by getting an MBA. Instead, get out there and start managing.

- On the function of schools: The school-day should end at noon, to be followed by a new faculty who engage the students in an afternoon of real projects, artistic, athletic, scientific, social, etc.

- On the purpose of corporations: Profit is secondary to their real purpose, which is to make a difference in the world.

Charles Handy is a very interesting guy.

The Handy interview webcast will be broadcast on January 30.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Nov 16, 2007


Anonymous said…
Thanks for this Terry. It is good to discover your blog. I was blogging on Charles Handy myself and had a look around to see who else is out there. Just been reading Handy's Myself and other more important matters. It has some vintage Handy and reveals a life full of reflective learning. Mine is at .
Terrence Seamon said…
Hi Graeme. Glad you found my blog. Hope you'll tune in to the webcast on January 30. I'm sure you will enjoy hearing Handy's voice.
Dora Valerie said…
I believe that in the twenty-first century, we will see more and more people adopting a `portfolio' approach to their lives and to their work. A valuable resource about Charles Handy mindsets could be found here:
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