The Davos Question

In partnership with YouTube, the World Economic Forum has launched The Davos Question, aimed at creating a global video conversation:

"What key action do you think countries, companies or individuals should take to make the world a better place in 2008?"

Already, nearly a million people have joined in, with video contributions from CEOs, politicians and others answering the question.

How cool is that?

Added Note: Here is a mashup of answers.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Jan 20, 2008


jsmendzuik said…
Great idea. Then we should answer the question from the standpoint of the World Social Forum where the slogan is ... Another World is Possible!!

Julie Smendzuik-O'Brien
Terrence Seamon said…
"Another World is Possible" - that is a great slogan, Julie.

So, let's imagine.....


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