The Future Me

HR blogger Scott McArthur tagged me recently to blog about my "Opi," my future self.

Scott writes: "Opi comes from the Greek word opiso and it refers to the "future you". The OPI meme encourages us to think about the future and write in present tense as if the future's taking place in this moment."

OK I'll take a shot.

PRESS RELEASE - Thought leader and best-selling business author Terrence Seamon has been invited, along with his wife Joan, to speak at the 2010 World Peace and Stewardship Forum in Rome where their talk, "Transformational Facilitation: Using the Power of Creativity to Change Organizations One At a Time," will address the current worldwide movement to release and sustain the human spirit in business using music, art, poetry, and imagination.

Whoa...What the heck did I just write?

Hey Scott: Thanks for the tag!

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Jan 20, 2008


moritherapy said…
can i come, can i come, can i come?

this is great!

so glad we ran into each other at LinkedIn. looks like we have lots of things in common ...
Terrence Seamon said…
If this dream comes to pass, you can certainly come.


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