Page Two Is Better

I was speaking with someone about resumes and she said, "It's a shame that hiring managers are so inundated by resumes that they hardly ever get beyond the first page. Because page two is usually better."

Isn't the stuff on page two older and therefore less relevant? Why is page two better?

As time goes by in your career, you reflect more upon your past, your successes and your failures. You distill, refine, and clarify your past accomplishments. As a result, what's on page two often reads different from what's on page one.

Page Two stuff is often more reflective of your true value: your capabilities and accomplishments, your talents and gifts.

Therefore, one of the secrets to effective resumes is to get some of that Page Two stuff into the Summary on the top of Page One.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 18, 2008


Scott said…
So why not keep your CV to one page?
Terrence Seamon said…
Hey Scott,
If you can reduce it all to a page, that's fine. But many can't...and shouldn't.

Many experienced professionals have so much to convey --so much good and important info about what they have done in their various prior roles-- that 1 page won't do it for them.


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