The Employee Engagement Network

I joined another network on ning the other day called The Employee Engagement Network, founded by David Zinger (who I have mentioned on this blog before).

Looks like a good place to network on this important management topic. Already I've seen that Rosa Say, Phil Gerbyshak, Anna Farmery, and Cindy Ventrice are there.

I am hereby "spreading the word" to the following to join up: Kenny Moore, Bob Nelson, Loretta Donovan, Gary Lear, Francis Wade, Gautam Ghosh, Steve Pashley, Don Blohowiak, Anuradha Ganapathy, Terry Starbucker, Astha Parmar, Regina Miller, Ron Hurst.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Feb 5, 2008


David Zinger said…
Thank you for such a fine endorsement of what we are trying to do on our network. I think it will grow and be so valuable to all involved in employee engagement.
Terrence Seamon said…
I'm happy to spread the word on such an important topic!

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