Nudging the Paradigm Shift

As I've suggested before, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in organizations worldwide.

~ from focus on weaknesses to focus on strengths
~ from appraisal to appreciation
~ from "our way or the highway" to flexibility
~ from "one size fits all" to customization
~ from "command and control" to engage and energize

Call it the Positive Workplace movement, or the Employee Engagement movement, or the Strengths-Based movement, or the Appreciative Inquiry movement, or whatever. It is happening.

And it is a very good thing!

As Kenny "the monk" Moore has said, it will "awaken joy, meaning and commitment in the workplace."

There are a lot of very interesting folks on the front-lines, including Rosa Say, Alexander Kjerulf, Judy McLeish, Martin Seligman, Judy Bardwick, Marcus Buckingham, David Zinger, Tim Wright, David Cooperrider and many others.

Somebody once said that it's a curse to "live in interesting times." I disagree. To me, it's a gift...and an opportunity.

So who wants to join me in nudging this paradigm shift along?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, Mar 22, 2008


Aloha Terry, what a positive and encouraging posting to start my morning with!

I do agree with you. Here is a quote I came across recently and absolutely love:

"I think most of us are looking for a calling, not a job. Most of us, like the assembly line worker, have jobs that are too small for our spirit. Jobs are not big enough for people."
—Nora Watson
David Zinger said…
And you are included in the big part of the nudge growining in momentum to be a pull towards something more inclusive, stronger, and well.
I would also add Marshall Goldsmith to that list.
Terrence Seamon said…
Great quote, Rosa. And very much in the spirit of this shift!
Terrence Seamon said…
I am also a Marshall Goldsmith fan, (His feedforward concept is excellent!) And I hope to see AMA collaborate with him in the near future.

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