Earth Day

It's Earth Day today. I only know it because of my Google calendar. There has been zero hoopla in my town about this holiday, as far as I know.

As I walked to the train station this morning, I wondered why we aren't doing more to mark this day? Especially with the gas crisis raging right now as the price skyrockets out of sight. Why didn't we shut down for the day? No driving. No non-essential cars on the road whatsoever. Everyone that can possibly work from home should do so.

Oh well...

Walking past Lincoln School, my wife and I spotted some sidewalk poems, colorfully chalked by the fourth graders. Though the words were starting to disappear, we could make out some phrases about stopping the war, making peace, and saving the planet.

One said: "Take care of Mother Earth. She's all we got."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, April 22, 2008


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