Recognize connections with seemingly unconnected things

Do you think that you are the sort of person who can recognize connections with seemingly unconnected things?

Does that question have a faintly Monty-Pythonesque ring to it?

It actually comes from an Organization Development job ad that I came across the other day.

What do you think this employer is looking for? The rest of the ad gives a few clues; for example, having an understanding of Systems theory.

I've been a big fan of Systems Theory since my undergraduate days at Rutgers, studying Human Communication. My favorite visual image (I forget where I picked it up) of a system is the bathtub full of balloons. Press on one balloon over here, and several pop up over there.

Everything is connected to everything else. Even at a distance.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, April 26, 2008


mstallard said…

I find it fascinating that a job description would mention the need to see connections. I vaguely recall seeing a McKinsey & Company paper years ago that described integration as a cognitive strength. Robert Sternberg at Yale also identifies one of his thinking styles as, (I believe he refers to it) "global" thinking. Since I feel that seeing connections (or integrating ideas into a coherent pattern) is one of my few strengths, I've always perked up when I spot it described. Terry, are you an integrator too.?
Terrence Seamon said…
Hey Michael,
Glad this posting caught your eye. Am I an integrator? I'd like to think so. My friends call me the Networking Guy. And a professor once praised me for my ability to creatively synthesize ideas. Though it was over thirty years ago, I still get a nice warm feeling from that praising.
Scott said…
Facinating subject. I have used Tea and the Industrial Revolution a few times in workshops and it never fails to engage a group in such a discussion. You may have come across this before Terry but here is a good link just in case.
Terrence Seamon said…
Great video, Scott. Thanks for the link.

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