Thumpability = the degree to which a document (or deck of slides in the olden days) thumps when dropped upon a conference table.

Although a high degree of thumpability does not necessarily equate to high quality, here are two new books that come highly recommended.

I was in a meeting yesterday with consultant Mal Conway where he showed us his new book, The Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams. Logging in at 800 pages, this one has major thumpability!

Mal is one of over fifty contributing authors, along with Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps.

Another new book with substance is Daniel R. Tobin's and Margaret Pettingell's The AMA Guide to Management Development.

I work with Dan and Peg at AMA so I'm favorably biased toward them. Having made that admission, the book is well worth acquiring if you are at all concerned about how to develop your managers and leaders.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, April 29, 2008


jessica lipnack said…
Thumpability is exactly the right word, Terry. Apparently, the market for these massive works goes like this: HR and libraries. How do I know? I asked someone in the know at the publisher. But for those of us virtual teaming fanatics, there is much to celebrate here. Lots of useful info. Thump. (And who knew you had a blog? I just linked to you.)
Terrence Seamon said…
Hi Jessica,
Glad you found me and my blog. And thanks for linking!

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