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William Zinsser once gave this now-famous advice to writers: Write what you know. And what do you know better than your own life story and the meaning you are making as your life unfolds?

The best bloggers, I think, proceed from this starting point. Here are a few I have recently come across.

Learn2Develop where Chris Morgan writes about his love for the Learning and Development field (my chosen field as well, for nearly 30 years).

Endless Knots where consultant Jessica Lipnack writes about all things virtual in a globally interconnected world.

Developing Leaders where Ron Hurst connects with other folks (including me) for conversations about managing, leading, coaching, and developing.

At his self-named blog, Michael Lee Stallard writes about leadership, engagement, and connectedness.

And last, though by no means least, Fearless Leadership where coach and blogger (and my colleague at AMA) Bettina Neidhardt gives advice on how to act with confidence.

Bettina's blog is just like Bettina in person: motivating, assured, direct, and fearless.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 25, 2008


Michael Lee Stallard said…

Thank you for mentioning my blog. I agree with your point about writing who you are. It reminds me of a wonderful book I read recently entitled "Let Your Life Speak." It's written by a Quaker named Parker Palmer. In the book Parker shares his journey to discover his vocation in life. He courageously writes about the depression he suffered and how it brought him face-to-face with who he was and how his life's calling emanated from that realization of his identity and values. Lawrence Ackerman's book The Identity Code also includes some good material on the topic of identity an vocation.

All the best to you!
Ron H said…

Allow me to also echo Mike's sentiments. I am honored to have my blog mentioned here. My blog is an extension of how I live and offer myself to others. TO add another resource, one of my favorites (since Parker Palmer is mentioned above) is Kevin Cashman's Leadership from the inside out. I love this book for the way it challenges the reader to go deep inside and discover who they truly are.


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