Ideas on Employee Engagement

Looking for ideas for engaging employees? How about 300 ideas?

Consultant David Zinger has just published an e-book that you might find useful. He calls it the Keys of Employee Engagement: 12 Authors and 300 Ideas Embedded in Their Employee Engagement Alphabets.

Here are a few excerpts:

David Zinger: Connection. Employee engagement is created through caring connections with others in the workplace and connections to our work — stay connected and you
will stay engaged!

Tim Wright: Mastermind. Engage your people in developing their engagement. Invite discussion, ideation, forums that generate ways to engage. No matter what you call it, every time your folks turn on their idea-machines, they engage themselves.

Lisa Forsythe: Differences . Celebrate the differences between people. Differences are opportunities to step outside our frame of reference and connect with others in a way they find meaningful.

Angela Maiers: Joy: Children are learning machines and have untold hours of play and joy...until... they are "educated" - educated to behave otherwise. If we want a better class of thinkers and innovators -- people with explosive curiosity and creativity, we need to bring FUN back into our classrooms. We need giggles and laughter, enthusiasm and excitement. School can become a place remembered for the love of learning, if for no other reason than it feels joyous!

Click here to download.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 9, 2008


Chris Morgan said…
I really agree that learning should be fun. For me I know that I learn fastest when I am having fun and feel happy to make mistakes!

Can you imagine a child learning to walk but adopting the mentality of an adult? They would be too scared to try in case they fell over!

Terrence Seamon said…
I know what you mean, Chris. When my sons were little, they were fearless.


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