The RASCI Tool

Looking for a helpful and easy-to-use tool to clarify accountability and enhance decision making, especially in projects and change management?

Many years ago, I was introduced to RASCI. I wish I could tell you who invented it, but I cannot. Maybe someone knows...and will add a comment about it?

RASCI is a way to delineate and clarify "who is doing what to whom" on a project:

R = The person who has ultimate Responsibility for the task or project. Only one person can have the R. If you work in an organization where several people think they have the R on a project, be ready for confusion...and failure.

A = The person who will Approve any decision on the project. This is the project owner and true decision maker.

S = The persons who will Support the project. These are the "go to" people who will help get it done.

C = The persons who will be Consulted along the way because of their expertise.

I = The persons who must be kept Informed along the way. These are the stakeholders who are the recipients of change. Keep them well posted and included because it will pay off later when it's time to implement.

Some versions of RASCI drop the "S" (i.e., RACI), but for my money I'll take the complete tool.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 23, 2008


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