Igniting Commitment

I'm pleased to help market a new management seminar on employee engagement that I've been shepherding at AMA since last year, called Igniting Commitment - Engaging Employees for Breakthrough Performance. It debuts in New York on September 25 and 26, and then will be available all around the US into 2009.

The idea for Igniting Commitment came about last year when I met Dr. Judith Bardwick to do a webcast with her on her newest book One Foot Out the Door.

We had such a great time doing that webcast that we said afterwards, What else should we do together on this vital topic? Thus, the idea of a seminar for managers, on how to raise engagement levels, was born.

The course is based on ideas in Judy's book and will feature another one of my train ride brainstorms, the leader's "sparks" for igniting commitment and fueling engagement:

S - Set meaningful goals with each person

P - Provide plenty of opportunities for people to participate and play a part

A - Appreciate each person's strengths and ideas

R - Recognize effort; Reward accomplishment; Reinforce learning

K - Know each person individually, especially their goals and needs

If you are a manager, I hope you'll sign up for this seminar. If you are a Training or HR leader, I hope you will send your clients or bring this seminar in-house.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 21, 2008


David Zinger said…
Looks like a very helpful seminar, good sparks...
All the best with this.
Terrence Seamon said…
Thanks David. We hope it will be helpful to managers. With Bardwick's book as a foundation, and the "sparks" on top, it will be a very substantial learning experience.

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