Johnny Bunko

I just read a terrific little book called The Adventures of Johnny Bunko by Daniel H. Pink, the author of A Whole New Mind. Reading Johnny Bunko, which is done in manga style (art by Rob Ten Pas) took maybe thirty minutes.

Let me tell you that this thirty minute investment will pay huge returns!

In Johnny Bunko, Pink lays out six lessons for career happiness:
1. There is no plan.
2. Think strengths, not weaknesses
3. It's not about you.
4. Persistence trumps talent.
5. Make excellent mistakes.
6. Leave an imprint.

Excellent advice, presented with animated humor.

Get it for your college-age kids. For a recent college grad. Or even for yourself.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 7, 2008


Daniel Pink said…
Terrence --

Thanks for the nice comments about Johnny Bunko. Glad you enjoyed it.

Dan Pink
Terrence Seamon said…
You're welcome, Dan. And what an honor (and a surprise) to see you popping up at my blog!

BTW - I have handed the book to my sons, both students at Rutgers, and recommended that they read it. When I told them it's manga, they were hooked!


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