Getting A Handle on Employee Engagement

So you have heard about "employee engagement" and that it is directly related to organizational performance. And you are wondering how to get a handle on it.

A good first step is measurement: figure out where you are right now with respect to engagement.

I recently attended Conference Board's Employee Engagement conference in New York and one of the speakers (a consultant with CB) talked about measuring EE. CB has been doing a global research study on EE. One of his points was that their study seems to suggest that there are just a few measures that really tell the story about where your employees are at.

Here is the short list of some of the factors most critical to EE:

- Relationship with one's immediate manager – Does the employee have a positive working relationship with his or her manager? (Note: This is a biggie!)

- Trust and integrity – Does the employee feel that the organization and its managers are honest and and 'walk the talk'?

- The job itself – Does the employee find the work fulfilling and stimulating day-to-day? (Note: Another biggie!)

- Line of sight - Does the employee see the connection between their own goals and performance and the company's goals and performance?

- Feedback – Does the employee get feedback about how their work contributes to the company's performance?

- Career Growth – Does the employee see a personal future for growth?

- Pride in Company – Does the employee feel good about being associated with the company?

- Co-workers – Does the employee feel accepted and included by their work team?

- Employee development – Does the employee feel that the company is serious about training and development?

Notice the repetition of the word "feel" in the above list? Engagement is all about feelings.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, July 12, 2008


Chuck Yorke said…
This is a good list. Engaging employees is critical to the success of an organization and yes, that first item - the immediate manager is key! Thanks for the post Terrence.
Terrence Seamon said…
Hey Chuck,
Welcome to my blog. Glad you like the list.
Have you heard of the Employee Engagement Network at ning that David Zinger founded?
Come on over.

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