Via Bloglines, I discovered Aviv's Blog where consultant Aviv Shahar has an intriguing entry called "Why I Disagree With Marshall Goldsmith." Being a fan of Goldsmith, I was drawn in right away. As much as I agree with the tonic of Goldsmith's points, I must salute Aviv's responses. In particular:

~ "Investing in what you are about, in what you believe in, and in your growth and development is the best way to invest your time and money in your future. The future is not a repetition of the past."

Exploring Aviv's blog further, I came across his most recent entry on leadership development, where he says:

~ "As a leader, maps can help you a lot, but you need something even more important than maps — You need your own compass. You need to know yourself and have the capacity to enter an unknown terrain that has not been mapped, where you draw the map as you walk the terrain. This is the nature of leadership. You find a path forward in a place you have not travelled before."

Beautifully said.

For me, mapping is a dimension of pathfinding and is related to Weick’s idea of sensemaking, that we go through life making meaning of the events we experience and setting direction for ourselves...and for others.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 24, 2008


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