Spiritual Stewards

Blogger Michelle Malay Carter wonders if business executives are (or should be) spiritual stewards of their organizations. She is definitely on to something. It's something very elusive, but very important.

It’s elusive because there is so much distracting noise in the way that it’s hard to hear the “small voice.” It’s important because we are more than the sum of our parts. We are spiritual.

One of my favorite definitions of spirituality comes from writer Ronald Rolheiser (The Holy Longing) who defines it as “…the fire that burns within us.” He says, “What we do with that fire, how we channel it, is our spirituality.”

Do executives have a spiritual stewardship responsibility toward the people in their organizations? Very interesting question!

Imagine if leaders had the ability to nourish and guide "the fire" in their organizations toward more than profit?

Former monk turned HR/OD consultant Kenny Moore says that his work is to "awaken joy, meaning and commitment in the workplace."

I'd say that that is a nice description of what we need from Leaders in the 21st century.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 10, 2008


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