Why Are You Here?

Why do people visit my blog? Why do people come to any blog, for that matter?

Do the things that interest me, match the things that interest you, my readers? As much as I wish the answer was YES, I am starting to suspect that that is not the case.

Colleague, blogger, and baker Jordan Salvit stopped by the other day when he read (on LinkedIn) that I had just posted my 498th blog entry. (This is now the 499th. The next one is the BIGGIE!)

He is wondering about this same question, Why are you visiting my blog?, and is exploring blog analytics to try to determine the answer.

His interests, like many interesting bloggers, are wide ranging, including artificial intelligence, online privacy, Web 2.0, as well as baking delicious chocolate mousse cakes in his spare time. What has garnered the most traffic on his blog? The cakes!

It was his chocolate desserts that pulled me in too. So it has me wondering if I should add something different to my blog that will pull in a bigger audience.

At the recommendation of Mike Schaffner, I have just subscribed to sitemeter and am looking forward to reading the tea leaves.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, August 27, 2008


David Zinger said…
I am here because you have insights and interesting things to say that capture my attention.
Mike Schaffner said…
I'm here because what you write makes me stop and think. You challenge the status quo and make us consider other possibilities.

I look forward the number 500 - congratulations.
Terrence Seamon said…
David & Mike,
Thanks for the positive comments. Much appreciated!

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