Work Life Balance and You

Today, the St. Matthias Employment Ministry offered a workshop called "Work Life Balance and You." Though it wasn't planned to coincide with Positive Thinking Day, it was surely a meaningful coincidence.

A few of our key points:

~ There is really no such thing as "work life balance;" work is one part of Life. We need to become more aware of, and make the choice to nourish, all of our roles in life, including worker, spouse, parent, friend, neighbor, volunteer, etc. (BTW This is the same view as Charles Handy's.)

~ To get more flexibility at work, don't just ask for it; develop a business case for it. Show your manager WIIFHim/Her.

~ Give to yourself, and you will have more to give to others.

~ Work and spirituality don't have to be separated; they can be integrated.

In her book, Alter Your Life, Dr. Kathleen Hall says: "The acorn does not push, does not try harder, but simply knows that it is an oak tree and trusts the wisdom of its life process."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, September 13, 2008


Phyllis Stone said…
I aree that there is no such thing. But I have to admit that it was a catchy phrase and it probably made some folks lots of money. But I've long held this belief and ever since I had that 'a-ha' moment, the struggle to achieve balance ended. The balance is just a "life balance." And throughout the course of a single day, several aspects of life intersect. You even at time have to tap into one aspect of your life to effectively fulfill another aspect. The balance comes as a result of an acceptance that work is a part of life and life a part of work; in the realization that who you are at work actually needs to tap into who you are spiritually; and in the wisdom that a higher power is in control of it all and a connection with that higher power is critical for any balance to happen.
Terrence Seamon said…
Beautifully said, Phyllis.


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