Touching Our Future

Last week, a group of high schoolers from around New York City converged on AMA for a career exploration session. With my colleague Susan Zeidman, we tried to convey the stages in the creation of a typical seminar:

- Idea: What business skill does some audience need that AMA could teach?

- Research: How do we know the Idea is a "good" idea?

- Approval: How do we win Management's approval (and funding) to develop the Idea?

- Development: How will we teach this Idea effectively to the intended audience?

Then we had the teens work in groups to quickly develop their own seminar idea. They seemed to enjoy the exercise.

I was glad to be invited to take part in this program. Working with teens is a way to touch the future and have a positive impact.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, October 20, 2008


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