The Night of Broken Glass

Today, November 9, is the 70th anniversary of an event that came to be known as "The Night of Broken Glass."


Now considered to be the violent start of the Holocaust, the systematic annihilation of the Jews and others by the Nazi regime in Germany.

Pope Benedict has said: "I invite people to pray for the victims of that night and to join me in expressing profound solidarity with the Jewish world. Still today I feel pain over what happened in those tragic events, whose memory must serve to ensure such horrors are never repeated and that we strive, on every level, against all forms of anti-Semitism and discrimination."

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has said: "We must not be silent. Anti-Semitism and racism are a threat to our basic values -- those of democracy and respect for diversity and human rights."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, November 9, 2008


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