Be A Start-Up

Blogger Chris Spagnuolo, at EdgeHopper, has a great entry called "Act Like A Start-up," where he talks about the corporate culture of a start-up company:

~ "Vision, focused vision. Energy, lots of energy. Small teams. No rules. The Beginner’s Mind. The Art of the Possible."

I love it! That's the way it was at Teleport, a feisty local phone company where I worked back in the 90's. We were hungry. Action-oriented. Fearless.

Then Spagnuolo asks, Can an established company act like a start-up? This is a vital question. And not just because a company may need new products. But, even more importantly in today's difficult economy, to survive.

There are significant barriers facing an established company that is entertaining the thought of acting like a start-up, including:

- "that's not how we do things here"

- "we already tried that and it did not work for us"

There are many excuses for stepping back from the edge. Most come down to fear.

Two critical points that I'll add to Spagnuolo's excellent blog entry.

1. For Organizations: Look at the banks and the car makers. If you are standing on a burning latform, you've got to galvanize. That means taking risks.

2. For Job Hunters: Read Spagnuolo's entry, but put yourself into the spotlight. What would it take for You to Act Like a Start-Up?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, December 2, 2008


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