Change Management for Hard Times

Wall Street has faltered; the car makers are teetering. Food banks have empty shelves. Many thousands (myself included) have lost their jobs.

These are hard times indeed. Maybe not as hard as the Great Depression. But tough anyway.

Though the price of gasoline has dropped (thank God!), who can afford to go anywhere? The cost of living (especially in NJ) is still high. College costs (which I am intimately familiar with, having two sons at Rutgers) are soaring.

So . . . Here we are. Now what?

With the focus on the individual, here's my two cents:

1. Turn problems into opportunities - Attitude. It's all in how you look at it. One man's glass-half-empty, is another's glass-half-full. Every problem has within it a silver lining of opportunity, waiting to be exploited.

2. Be the solution - Gandhi once said, Be the change. In this economy, you need to be the solution. How will you help the organization ride out the storm? How will you help it survive and prosper?

3. Reach out to others - Don't withdraw. Don't go it alone. Connect with others. Join forces. Multiply.

4. Offer your gifts - Instead of asking, Who will help me? Ask, How can I help others? The need is growing daily. People need help. Your help. Your gifts. Don't hide your light. Speak up. Offer ideas. Take a risk.

Note: This blog entry was inspired by Fred Nickols.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, December 19, 2008


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