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Legendary CEO Jack Welch is known for a number of his management concepts and practices, including the 4 E Model that talks about several key aspects of leaders:

Energy - Leaders have high energy
Energizers - Leaders know how to energize others to perform
Edge - Leaders have a competitive edge
Execute - Leaders can get stuff done

Interestingly, another E, engaging people, is not there. Maybe it's "in there" somewhere, perhaps under Energizers. But it's not on the top.

So if we were to fashion a leadership model, based on the power of engagement, what might it look like?

For me, the Engaging Manager is a leader who:

~ Educates and informs by openly sharing information about the business

~ Enables others to perform by training, coaching, and positive feedback

~ Excites others with possibilities about the future

~ Energizes others to take on challenges

~ Expresses genuine interest in each individual team member

~ Expresses sincere gratitude for the best efforts and contributions others make

~ Empowers others to use their best judgement to solve problems and make decisions

~ Expects the very best and does whatever it takes to create an environment conducive to excellence

Posted by Terrence Seamon, December 19, 2008


Gautam Ghosh said…
I agree Terry, the power of E is huge. Excavating (or unearthing hidden reasons) is another tool a manager has to do, before he/she does anything else!

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