Greta on CNN Layoffs

Fox News broadcaster Greta Van Susteren has blasted CNN at her website, for a mass layoff just before the Christmas holiday:

~ "They did it again! CNN fires people just in time for Christmas! Make you sick? People often ask why I left CNN. I didn’t like mean spirited selfish management that, despite not doing its job of efficiently running the company, lines it pockets. And then the topper? Because the management didn’t run the company well, CNN fires loyal people to meet some bottom line the management failed to meet."

You go, girl. Blast away!

Then Greta makes this excellent point:

~ "Frankly, in these tough economic times, there was a way NOT to have this happen at CNN. Think of how many CNN families could have a much different Christmas than they are now having if CNN had stopped talking about themselves in these ridiculous multi million dollar ad campaigns."

Unfortunately, CNN is not the only employer that uses this odious practice, of year-end layoffs, at a time of year when those with much should be looking out for those with little.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, December 16, 2008


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