Wakeful Tranquility

Listening to a show about tea on the radio the other day, I learned some things. For instance, there are three types of tea: white, green, and black.

My main takeaway from the show, however, concerned the effect of tea on the tea drinker. The calming effect, known by Buddhists as "wakeful tranquility," is a state of alertness combined with relaxation.

Though the science isn't totally proven yet, it seems to be the result of the interaction between tea's chemical ingredients (including a form of caffeine and various anti-oxidants) and the specific practices of brewing the tea.

In other words, the effect depends on how you make your cup of tea. The key is to go slow. The longer you steep the tea in hot water, the more chance the chemical molecules in the leaves have to enter the drink.

The lesson: You can't rush a good cup of tea.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, December 7, 2008


Elizabeth said…
I heard this radio show too and found the section on wakeful tranquility so interesting! Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on the NPR or PRI websites. Please post the link if you can find the original story anywhere! Thank you!
Terrence Seamon said…
I couldn't find it either, Elizabeth, but it was a good one, wasn't it.
By coincidence, some friends just introduced me to Wissotzky tea. Very good brand.

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