Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate the first birthday of the Employee Engagement Network started a year ago by consultant David Zinger.

It was a meteoric year for the fledgeling social network, attracting practitioners in the blossoming field of employee engagement, from around the world.

Some of the milestones:

- Grew from an idea to 750 members. That means an average of two people joined every day last year!

- Created 230 forums; formed 14 specials groups; wrote 140 blog posts on the site.

- Created two free e-books. One book offered over 300 ideas on Employee Engagement from A to Z and the other offered 52 sentences of advice on Employee Engagement.

- And 35 members (including yours truly) made contributions to our first book, Top 10 Ideas in Employee Engagement, which will be published in the next few months.

It was especially synchronistic for me, as I was working with Dr. Judith Bardwick to develop the first-ever seminar for managers on employee engagement, "Igniting Commitment."

The EE Network came at the right moment in the zeitgeist. As I have said before, we are living through a sea-change in how we view leadership, management, business, and organizations. The EE Network is about that movement, a movement some characterize as "awakening joy, meaning, and commitment in the workplace."

It has been a great community to be a part of: open, positive, searching, and generous. I look forward to continuing my participation.

Way to go, David! Happy Birthday to you and to all of us!

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 26, 2009


David Zinger said…
I appreciate what you said and believe you are such an instrumental member of the network. You make the network what it is.

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