Leading in the Crisis

In this difficult economy, many are wondering if we have the right leadership guiding our organizations.

Some in the workforce have never experienced this kind of economic upheaval before. Younger workers, for instance, have no idea how to weather this type of economic storm.

With a very gloomy forecast ahead, what do we need leaders to demonstrate? Here are six attributes that I think are essential.

~ Courage - to face the facts and make the personal sacrifices necessary

~ Steadfastness - to hold to core values in the face of adversity and not take the easy road (i.e., downsizing)

~ Wisdom - to keep your eyes open, recognize what's happening, and distinguish the baby from the bath water

~ Engagement - to get others involved in figuring out creative ways to weather the storm

~ Vision - that things will be better in the future, and a path to get there

~ Caring - especially for your employees

Added Note: UK trainer and blogger Eric Garner has an interesting entryat his blog, Manage, Train, Learn, where he muses on the leadership demonstrated by Joseph son of Jacob in the Bible.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 15, 2009


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