Managing in 2009

Recently, at the Employee Engagement Network, David Zinger and I decided to start off the new year with a series of focused forum questions, beginning with this one:

~ What will the main work of a manager be for 2009?

So far, a number of network members have weighed in with their thoughts on the main work of a manager for 2009, including:

Paul Herr: "Ken Iverson, the visionary leader of Nucor Steel, coined the term “pain sharing” (the inverse of profit sharing) in 1982, when the steel industry fell into a deep slump, and 200,000 steel workers were laid off. Iverson didn’t lay off a single soul. Instead, he took a 75% pay cut, general managers took a 60% pay cut, department heads took a 40% pay cut and the rank and file took a 20% pay cut. Nucor weathered the downturn and came roaring back to dominate the US steel industry."

Sharing the pain. How’s that for leadership?

Phil Gerbyshak: "Constant communication with your team will be critical, to help prevent associates from filling in the blanks for what they don't know. You'll need to make more time to communicate early and often with your team."

Rosa Say: "Like every other person in a company, managers must fulfill the biggest need, and they must lead the way in doing so, AND supporting those they manage in doing the same thing."

David Zinger: "We need to work from a place of strength. We need to be strong and to find the strength of others. This is not done merely by taking some inventory or strength test. It is making it the core of what we do. It creates resilience for us as managers and offers our best value to the organization and customer."

And there is more. Check out the conversation at the Employee Engagement Network. Or better yet, join in.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 12, 2008


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