Refreshing Advice for the Job Hunt

The latest news on our downturning economy is dismal: more job losses and a spiking unemployment rate, the worst in sixteen years.

Hawaii-based coach and blogger Rosa Say has some refreshing advice for job hunters in this very bad economy: Figure out how You can solve the Biggest Need that an employer has, and then pitch your solution.

Rosa writes:

~ "Put yourself in the shoes of someone with the ability to hire you and keep paying you: What are they looking for, and why should they hire you, unless they are sure you’ll deliver what they need?

There are two things business owners are focused on right now, and they go together:

a) Boosting cash flow quickly
b) Making customers deliriously happy

What Rosa is saying is that the exceptional job hunter is the one that can fulfill this need for an employer. And the way to do that is to rethink what the job hunt is about:

~ "You have to be the one who creates a new role, a highly necessary and desirable one, and then pitches it to the employer in the best position to hire you, and give you the opportunity to test your creation and earn your keep."

This shift that Rosa is talking about is a real transformation, one that may be difficult to pull off. Most job hunters don't think of themselves as selling, let alone selling a solution.

Rosa offers a script to ease this transition:

~ "I have a proposal I’d like to discuss with you. My proposal has two deliverables: Increased cash flow, and happy customers. I am a big fan of your product and services, and I have been one of your customers: I’m very interested in helping you succeed. Do you have some time this week to meet with me?”

So what is the first step for those who want to try this approach? Ask yourself: What solution do I have to offer?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 10, 2008


Jay said…
Terry -- I agree with your thoughts. I have found with my past experience that this applies quite well to the employed whose position might be at risk. Creating a new role in an effort to change one's current role can be a great way to stay employed.

Change seems to be the theme these days. If one were taking this job hunting approach, communicating that one has the skills and talent to be a change agent will be important -- when the employer asks "how do you propose we do that?" This could be a great segue into demonstrating creative thinking and/or talking about prior work experience ..... Jay
Terrence Seamon said…
Agreed. Rosa Say makes the same point, that this strategy applies in both cases.

Yes, change does seem to be the major theme of our day. It's the right time for change agents.


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