Speed Coaching

As the marching bands and other parade units go by President Obama's reviewing stand on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., we rejoice in the peaceful transition of power in the U.S., but we remember that many are still suffering and need our help.

One way that I'll be helping is coming up next Tuesday January 27 when the New York Public Library and Vault.com are sponsoring a day of free job search help at the City University of New York. Called “Back to Work: Jumpstart Your Job Search,” the free event is designed to provide career information, advice and resources to help unemployed New York professionals land their next jobs. The day-long event will include workshops, interactive discussions with job search experts and demonstrations of the Library’s online job search tools.

And speed coaching!

Think of it as fast-paced personalized career coaching and resume review. As one of the speed coaches, I'll be meeting with job hunters in twenty minute sessions, to review their job search campaign strategies as well as their resumes, making sure that they are accomplishments-focused.

And maybe, just maybe, doing my small part to instill some hope during this dismal economy.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 20, 2009


Prem Rao said…
What a wonderful idea. If I can be of any help as part of the speed coaching team, I shall be delighted.
kare Anderson said…
We loved the speed coaching so much we wrote about it

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