Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

How do you turn crisis into opportunity?

This is a highly relevant question to thousands upon thousands who are losing their jobs in the economic downturn.

Blogger Jeff Ogden at CEO Ideas gives us a little preview of an interview with Jim Collins that will be coming out soon in Fortune magazine, where Collins addresses this question.

Here are a couple of the points Ogden selected:

- You must make change and not panic.
- More important than a plan is the people you have with you.
- You have to believe you will prevail.

Collins' advice for business leaders can be applied to job hunters quite well. And his last point has a special resonance for me.

Yesterday, at the "speed coaching" event sponsored by Vault.com at the NY Public Library, I was coaching a young job hunter when a radio reporter from News Radio 88 approached us to interview us. After asking the job seeker a battery of questions, she turned to me and asked me, "What's the 'number one nugget of advice' that you give as a coach to people who have been downsized?"

I said, "You have to believe in yourself."

Added Note Feb 14: An expanded take on this is now a guest blog entry on Slacker Manager.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, January 28, 2009


Hey Terrence! Believe in yourself is the best advice any job seeker should here. There are so many who struggle to believe they have value when they don't here back from potential employers.

I absolutely believe that people can find employment in this crazy market. 95% of there success will be maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of the journey they are on finding new employment!!

It was pleasure meeting you yesterday! I look forward to remaining connected. If there is ever anything I can do to help you or any of your clients, please let me know!

Interview Guru
Terrence Seamon said…
It was great meeting you yesterday, Darlene.

As I said in my email, I was so impressed that you trekked all the way from Baltimore to donate your time and talent to help struggling job hunters in New York.

Your advice yesterday, to the clients you saw, may truly be the answer to someone's prayers.

Paige said…
Great advice, Terrance. I felt so honored to be able to participate in the event and know that I was really helping people.
You said it..."believe in yourself". Very true. Thanks for following my blog. Consider me a follower of yours!

Career and Life Coach
Jeff Ogden said…
Hey Terrence. Thanks for posting my article. I believe a lot of people can learn from it. The article can be read in full at


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