Popping Up

Lately I have been lucky enough to pop up on a couple sites:

- David Zinger's blog where I am this week's featured responder to Engage-5:

Terrence Seamon’s 5 sentences on engagement:

1. I define employee engagement as a relationship where the commitment between an employee and the organization is high, mutual, and positive.

2. A big challenge in employee engagement is maintaining engagement during difficult change.

3. A powerful way to create greater engagement is to connect with people and collaborate on creating the future.

4. I am personally most engaged at work when I am aligned with the goals and empowered to pursue them.

5. To learn more about engagement, I encourage people to join the Employee Engagement Network.

- and Slacker Manager as a guest blogger, where Phil Gerbyshak published my essay "Believe in Yourself."

Thanks David & Phil.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, February 16, 2009


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