There is a lot of focus on leadership, and leadership development, these days.

~ What is leadership? How do you develop it? What practices work best to develop leaders?

All good questions to be sure.

But I feel like we are missing the point at this moment in history. Look around at the massive global crisis: economic, environmental, and social.

We need more than improved leadership development processes in organizations. We need a new vision for leading.

More than leadership, we need LeaderShift.

LeaderShift is leading that:

~ goes beyond problem solving and addresses transformation

~ looks at the system and sees what needs to change

~ is less concerned about productivity and profit than about purpose and prosperity

~ is highly collaborative and brings diverse voices to the table

~ calls people to step up and take responsibility

~ liberates people to act, be creative, and decide for themselves

LeaderShift starts with a deep and honest look into the mirror. LeaderShift holds fast to deeply rooted values about what is right and good.

LeaderShift is unafraid of taking action. LeaderShift keeps its commitments.

LeaderShift is reinventing the game so everyone can win.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, March 7, 2009


George Hathaway said…
I posted a comment on Twitter about BreakThrough Thinking. I agree with you about Leadershift... we need it badly. Breakthrough Thinking principles actually help you at accomplish these. It is a people oriented, purpose driven way to find solutions that are future oriented. It differs from problem solving by asking first if your issue serves any good purpose any more.

The book "Smart Questions", by Gerald Nadler and Bill Chandon, is the latest iteration of the BreakThrough Thinking concept and is a worthwhile read. The Center for BreakThrough Thinking (of which I am Vice President), is a repository for other information. You can find us at www.breakthroughthinking.com. I am working on updating the web site so please bear with me.

George Hathaway

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