Talent Knows No Bounds

India-based HR consultant Gautam Ghosh has an interesting entry about talent communities, where he muses about the future:

~ "I hope one day this role (of talent community manager) becomes an overlap between marketing and HR, becoming the real custodian of the employment brand."

I'm reminded of a talk that OD consultant Anna Tavis gave a few years ago at FDU, where she talked about talent membranes, suggesting that talent knows no arbitrary organizational boundaries.

For a harbinger of what Gautam Ghosh is sensing, I would point to David Zinger's Employee Engagement Network on ning, which, in just over one year, has attracted a horde of talent (over 1,000 people) from around the globe, all passionately concerned about employee engagement.

As a job hunter, I am swimming in talent. Every job search support group that I visit is filled to the brim with talent. Talent that is dying to get back to work.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, March 31, 2009


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