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Thanks to a tweet (I can't believe I just wrote "tweet") on facebook from Michael VanDervort, I learned about a social networking site called My Spirit World, which led me to an article by Peter Bregman called "Spirituality, Your Job, and the Recession."

It's a good piece, with a number of things to think about, including following your passion.

Writing about an executive he knows, Bregman says: "What would her life look like -- in every dimension she values -- if she decided to pursue her passion full time? She needs to consider the contribution she'd make. The relationships she'd foster. The fun she'd have. The feelings she'd carry with her throughout the day. Her engagement in her work. In short, what her life would mean."

By coincidence, I heard from a friend of mine today, a financial executive in the corporate world, who has left it behind in order to do something in the non-profit space.

She writes: "I have been doing volunteer work for a hospice, and just recently a community action program that provides social services to the greater area. I have decided that I no longer want to work in the for-profit sector and these service organizations are absolutely thrilled to have someone with my skills. In return, I am learning non profit skills, (as well as) the Spanish language."

She is following her passion.

Bregman recognizes that following one's passion can feel risky: "Most people are afraid to (follow their passion). Afraid of the risk. Afraid of the gap in their resume. They try to cover it up. Find ways to explain it away."

But he makes a very interesting point: "Employers want to hire someone who is naturally driven. Self-motivated. Successful people are passionate, obsessed. And obsession isn't motivated by money. It's deeper than that. Find your obsession. Let it loose. You'll work at your obsession all the time because you want to. And that kind of persistence, that kind of focus, is worth a lot of money."

So, the question is: What is your passion?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, April 5, 2009


Michael said…
Glad you enjoyed that link, Terence!

Terrence Seamon said…
I did. You find lots of interesting links. And I enjoy following many of them.
Keep it going!

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