A Monk Looks at Change

Today, consultants Mary Key and Kenny Moore gave a rich webinar called Professional, Personal and Spiritual Wisdom for Managing Change in Turbulent Times with Kenny Moore. Long title, but an excellent hour of sage advice for these difficult times.

Mary (co-author of CEO Road Rules) provided some good material on transitions and change, drawing upon her own work with executives, as well as the writings of William Bridges and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

Kenny (co-author of The CEO and the Monk), being a former monk, provided a monastic view of change that I find quite refreshing. Here are just a few of his many wise points:

Show up - As Woody Allen once said, 80% of success in life is showing up. You gotta show up, in person, and online. For job hunters, this means networking, volunteering, attending meetings, and joining job search support groups.

Mystery - The word "mystery" originally meant "to close the lips." Since much of the change we are experiencing, such as job loss, has no neat and obvious solution, we are really in a predicament, characterized by ambiguity. Moore says we are in the presence of mystery. So close the mouth . . . and listen.

Questions - And when it comes time to lead others, ask questions. And not small, narrow ones. Rather, Kenny says, ask engaging questions. Questions that expand, inspire and motivate people to rise to the challenge.

Stories - I've seen Kenny teach several times in the past couple years and I've noticed that he prefers to tell stories. Even in today's webinar, he told several stories of real people wrestling with change. Stories are great ways to help guide others to a deeper understanding of life.

Mary and Kenny are planning to offer this webinar again before the end of the month, so stay tuned to their websites:

~ Mary Key = http://www.keyassociatesinc.com/

~ Kenny Moore = http://kennythemonk.typepad.com/

Posted by Terrence Seamon, April 6, 2009


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