When a week or more goes by in between blog entries, where do you go for inspiration?

I just read at Nimmy's blog, that she goes to the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes to get ideas. I like that. Even something silly or nonsensical can trigger a blog posting.

For me, I tend to visit other blogs or scan the latest news headlines for something of interest, something that speaks to me. For example, a couple things that caught my eye recently:

- Interest in Prague's legend of the Golem has risen again in anticipation of the 400th anniversary in September of the death in 1619 of the venerable Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Golem’s supposed maker. According to the NY Times, Rabbi Loew was a "Jewish mystic and philosopher (and) a leading scholar of the Talmud and kabbalah...known widely as the Maharal, a great sage."

- A science report on daydreaming made news the other day, suggesting that it's the brain's way of working out difficult problems. According to Kalina Christoff of the University of British Columbia in Canada, "Contrary to the notion that daydreaming is a sign of laziness, letting the mind wander can actually let the parts of the brain associated with problem-solving become active."

I've noticed that when I am faced with a difficult-to-solve problem, it helps to walk away from it and put my attention on something else. Then quite often, a solution will occur to me when I least expect it.

I wonder if, 400 years ago, the Golem was a solution that arose from the imagination of the mystical Rabbi or some other daydreamer, faced with an intractable problem, and hoping for an answer.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 15, 2009


David Zinger said…
For inspiration, I go quietly reflective and scribble words or notes on a page or I visit the engagement community and see what everyone is talking about. See Terrence, you inspired me to write this comment.
Nimmy said…
:-) C&H never fails to change my mood. Another thing that inspires me is a powerful quote!

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