Tweets in Church

Until recently, the only tweets you would hear in church came from the occasional stray bird that somehow flew in and could not find its way out.

Now, as described in this Time magazine article, Twitter --the social networking microblogging site where users must find an economical way to communicate in 140 characters or less-- has been introduced into churches as a medium for greater participation by the congregation.

At the Next Level Church near Charlotte, N.C., pastor Todd Hahn prefaced his Easter Sunday sermon by saying, "I hope many of you are tweeting this morning about your experience with God."

And they did. From Charlotte to Seattle, churches are experimenting with the marriage of social networking technology and spirituality.

And it seems to be working. Pastors and congregants are finding an interesting new way of connecting with their faith, as well as with one another.

As a Catholic, I can see great opportunity in the use of social networking for reaching out and engaging parishioners in a new and exciting way.

As an Organization Development consultant, I think that churches may be ahead of businesses in the use of social networking as an employee (or customer) engagement platform.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, May 24, 2009


Anonymous said…
I some how can't see our pastor asking the people to tweet.

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