The Development Pyramid

At the ODNet listserv, OD consultant Roland Sullivan passed along a question from a student who asked:

"How would you integrate Executive Development, Talent Management and OD?"

I'd define the terms as follows, and represent them visually like a pyramid:

The Base is OD where OD is everything the organization does, as it pursues its goals, to continually adapt, change, and renew itself in response to its environment.

The Middle is TM where TM is everything the organization does to continually replenish its people assets and capabilities.

The Tip is ED where ED is the ongoing process of strengthening the capabilities of current, as well as future, senior level leaders.

Though it wasn't posed in the question, I'd add another layer, just under ED, for Leadership Development, where LD is the ongoing process of strengthening the organization's leaders at all levels.

Development Pyramid

Posted by Terrence Seamon, June 26, 2009


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